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EMBODY LIFE is a new approach to catalyze your innate health and potential.
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Teri is a gifted healer, teacher, mover and creative catalyst in the field of embodied awakening. She fosters conscious
evolution in the lives of people globally. A mentor and hands-on healer, Teri works with individuals and groups
transmitting a unique discovery process that honors all aspects of your humanity and your anatomy as you follow your
individual path to becoming a fully integrated self, at home in your body and your life. Drawing on a synthesis of 30 years of
research, applied practice, Eastern and Western movement and meditation practice, Teri created the EMBODY LIFE method
grounded in science, proven body therapies, somatic movement, Qi Gung-Tai Chi, and life coaching principles helping
thousands pass barriers of self-limitation into optimal performance.

Teri designs and facilitates training programs for movement artists, health professionals and corporate clients, as well as
leading workshops and private sessions in-person and online. All of her programs are grounded in science, expanded
through personal practice and made real through direct experience.  This process is channeled to your unique situation,
through gentle hands-on, meditative guidance, conscious breath, sound and movement practices and cranio-sacral work,
guiding her clients to bring conscious awareness into their core body-mind consciousness.  An Authorized Continuum
Movement Teacher and Registered Somatic Movement Educator, Teri Founded and Directs the Somatic Movement Arts
Practitioner Training Program, Infinite Waves of Health somatic speaker summit,
Intention Dance Theatre, and SOMA Fest -
The Somatic Movement Arts Festival.           Contact teri at tericarter dot com

Somatic Movement Arts fest
Workshops & Performances with
Artists in diverse Somatic methods

Interactive Healing, Growth
& Leadership Training
for Humans & Horses

Practitioner Certification Training
and Individual Courses in
Embodied Anatomy & Continuum

FREE Live Virtual Sessions
exploring Infinite Waves of Health &
Creativity with Somatic Visionaries.
Audio Recorded Series Available
Teri mentors you toward radiant health and self-discovery
using the Embody Life Method, a synergy of Somatic Movement,
Continuum, Bodywork Therapies, and Embodied Life Coaching.
Remodel the relationship you have with your body and mind. . .
The Embody Life Method is a breakthrough self-care system to bring more ease
and pleasure in your physical, personal and professional life. You'll cultivate a
dynamic and responsive connection to your body's intelligence.
Teri's simple process
harmonizes your body and mind as a fluid system.  Be more integrated and

Embody Life is a revolutionary Somatic approach that allows for thought patterns,
the neuro-muscular system and the whole body to restore natural states of calm,
strength and wholeness.  
Move beyond pain and limitation with Teri's individual
sessions, coaching packages, trainings, telesummits, speaking engagements, and
online courses. Be your ultimate self in comfort & strength.
Santa Monica:  Serving Brentwood, Beverly Hills, Westwood, Sherman Oaks
Santa Clarita:  Serving Agua Dulce, Canyon Country, Acton, Newhall  
Engage    Explore    Empower
Engage    Explore    Empower
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Transform Your Body, Renew Your Mind

Healing Touch & Somatic Movement,
Cranial Sacral, MyoFascial Release,
Body-Mind Centering, Reiki, Qi Gung
•  Discover and embrace your potential to thrive
•  Receive intuitive guidance & healing touch
•  Dissolve discomfort, pain, fatigue, fear, trauma
•  Move with more ease, flexibility, virtuosity
•  Release stiffness in your joints, back & body
•  Learn transformative self-care processes
•  Open to nourishment from the natural world
Inhabit your body & reunite with its intelligence ~
Somatic embodiment is one of the most potent ways to find freedom in all that you do.
embody life
Visionary Somatic Educator
& Embodied Life Coach
Transition into a new reality of wellness, creativity, presence

In Person and Virtual
Private Sessions &
Group Classes

Live Online Class Series,
Movement Dives, Video,
& MP3 Audio Recordigs
Teri's guidance has helped me develop a deep level of communication with my body, enabling
me to find substantial relief from chronic pain and tension, giving me a new confidence in my
body's ability to repair and rejuvenate itself.
Linda B.,  Attorney, Los Angeles   read more success stories
Transition into a new reality of wellness, creativity, presence
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