Continuum/Somatic Performance Lab
Three afternoons of moving and creating together in embodied
performance methods.  

An opportunity to develop your creative writing practice into speaking
and moving in a performance environment.

Continuum movement and Emilie Conrad's Creative Edges mehod will
be the somatic portal through which we will organize our performance
explorations - using a fluid systems language and gestural character
techniques for the in-class collaborative score building.  

This intensive is for you if:
  • You choose to cultivate your creative writing practice into performance work.
  • You desire to be more powerfully present in your practice, performance
    and daily life
  • You are ready to grow a keen capacity for refined articulation in your
    body-mind movement
  • You prefer to be intimately connected to your inner physicality and outer
    world surroundings, whether on-stage - at work - in your personal life

The Lab will provide you with performance skill considering spatial
awareness, embodied presence, and confidence to be your "essential
self" as you express yourself.

Questions?  Contact Teri Carter at 310-488-9879 or email
with Teri Carter
A 3 Day Workshop Intensive honoring Words and Waves
Continuum Movement Experience Required

Tues-Thurs, Feb 17-22, 1 -5:00 pm
Emilie Conrad
co-taught and helped to  
develop the Somatic
Performance Lab process
along with Teri Carter &
Caryn Heilman 2007-2013
Performance Lab cost: $315
Teri Carter

"The artist is a kind of
warrior. It takes
courage to have
people enter your
secret chamber and
see what is going on
there. The creative
spirit really needs to
be fostered and
tended to… The
creative spirit is what
saves us."
Emilie Conrad
Founder of
Continuum Movement