Caryn and Teri are deeply honored to share this virtual Continuum event with you, in harmony with all the
efforts worldwide by Continuum Teachers and the Continuum Studio, to bring our global somatic community
closer together.  Since 2015 our Continuum Virtual has reached hundreds of participants. The immeasurable
gratitude we all have for Emilie Conrad helps us all to "stay the course", in bringing this valuable work to the

Emilie often spoke of the necessity for community, where we as 'bio-organisms' cannot thrive in isolation.  
When we can be
self-referential through body-mind awareness, and able to be inter-relational within a safe
community, we are empowered to be in discovery - whole beings engaged in discovery.

May the depths of comforting wave movement nurture you...


Delve more deeply into the waters of Continuum and Join Caryn & Teri in a Virtual Seasonal Series:
The information provided through Embodied Life, Continuum Virtual and its guests is not offered as medical advice and should not be considered medical advice. Nothing contained on this page or
during this series is intended to be used for medical diagnosis or treatment, and is not intended to replace a one-on-one relationship with a qualified physician. Always seek the advice of a physician or
other qualified health care professional regarding any mental or physical health condition or treatment.
Continuum Virtual
Honoring Continuum's Founder . . .
You are invite you to join us in celebrating together,
Emilie Conrad's life and her generous gift to the world ~

People around the world share in this renovative work,
diving in movement sequences together that reflect the
breath, sound and subtle movement of Continuum.
Join Caryn Heilman and Teri Carter, both Continuum Movement
Teachers authorized by Emilie Conrad, as they offer this virtual
intensive series of classes, filled with somatic experiences that
foster connection to your deepest potential, in collaboration with
the global Continuum Community.  
photo by Ron Peterson
Explore the art of resilience and versatility in the play of breath, sound and fluid
movement found in the fluid practices of Continuum.

Register for SPRING "BUDDING"
Three month series April, May, June
This Spring we look to our capacity
for coherent renewal and innovation.

Engage in your own deep healing journey and the playful creativity found in the
embodiment of your fluid nature.

We meet live - the first Monday of each Month for 90 minute webinar gatherings
consisting of dialogue and movement dives, 2 - 3:30pm eastern time.

Audio recordings and videos of the sequences are available if you miss a live session.
move together and connect
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Four Seasons of Moving Together, Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall

●  January 1, 2018
●  February 5 2018
●  March 5, 2018

●  July 3, 2017
●  August 7, 2017
●  September 4, 2017

●  October 2, 2017
●  November 6, 2017
●  December 4, 2017

●  April 3, 2017  
●  May 1, 2017
June 5, 2017
Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter
Each Seasonal Series includes 3 consecutive months of the following:

●  3 Movement Videos depicting the Dive Sequence      

●  3 Audio Recordings, listen online or download MP3s

●  3 Live Webinars, One per month, plus bonus sessions
Teri Carter MA, RSMET, CMT, CC
Authorized Continuum Movement Teacher
Each Seasonal Series is $75 or a 20% annual discount

The 1st Monday of each month:
2-3:30pm eastern time
Or listen to MP3 recordings and view the Video
dive demonstrations at your convenience . . .
Emilie Conrad
June 14, 1934 - April 14, 2014
"The virtual classes satisfy for me, a need to
feel loved and connected. In these difficult
times, any opportunity to be soothed and
touched within, in collaboration with others,
supports peace, mindfulness, self-love,
compassion...  timely and enduring gifts of
Continuum.  Teri and Caryn share generously
their valuable experience and insights.  I've
loved every session!"

Lenna Kitterman, Somatic Therapist
"What an amazing treasure! Thank you so
much for creating and sharing, Teri and
Caryn . . .  I'll return to the wisdom and
inspiration of your Continuum Virtual
recordings again and again."

Connie Frey, MMT, PhD, Somatic Educator
Caryn Heilman, MA, RSME
Authorized Continuum Movement Teacher
What Participants Are Saying About The Continuum Virtual Series . . .
"I find the dive sequences in the Continuum
Virtual with Caryn and Teri to be deeply
nourishing!  It is great to connect with other
somatic movers from around the globe... "

Nicole Schafenacker, writer/performer, yoga