Teri  Carter
Our intention is to access the aliveness that is available
when we arrive fresh in each moment in fluid resonance
with the bio-field. This potency is the source of creativity,
nourishment and healing.  Through movement improvisation
and innate gesture, character development is accessed
through embodiment, making way for intriguing movement
IDT weaves somatic movement into its performance work.  This process helps provide compelling experiences
for audiences, as the artists cultivate empathic body-mind connections while dancing.  
IDT plays with the dynamic principles of physics, revealing athletic qualities
that are not bound by form or technique.  They portray the flexibility of
bio-systems that can travel the spectrum from stillness to vigorous dynamism.
With the spontaneity of Somatic and  improvisational techniques, the artists find
access to a multitude of characters and species, as space/time possibilities.  
This practice of releasing cultural notions of a dancer's body and form, stimulates
creative possibility.   
IDT is the producer of L.A.'s SOMA Fest, the Somatic Movement Arts
an event fostering Somatic Embodiment in practice,
and daily life.  The festival offers potent opportunities for
dancers, actors and people from all walks of life, to enhance their
innate presence and movement capacity.  Five days of
and performances with leading Somatic
Movement Artists from across
the country take place at
Santa Monica's 18th Street Arts Complex, in
both Highways
Performance Space and the Continuum Studio.   
Founded in 2005, Los Angeles based INTENTION  Dance Theatre
(IDT) offers transformative experiences for audiences
and class participants alike.  The mission of
IDT projects is to
stimulate people's conscious and kinesthetic capacity through
movement arts, stimulating both perception and sensation in
performances and classes for greater participation in creative
and life experiences.  Our projects aim to enhance bio-creative
development and vitality, as individuals interrelating with our
environment and life on this planet
INTENTION  Dance Theatre has presented work Playhouse, Anatomy Riot, Electric Lodge and SOLA Festival;
NYC's Int'l Somatic Movement Education Celebration (ISMETA); Seattle Festival of Dance Improvisation (SFDI);
the Bay Area's West Coast Contact Improv Festival (WCCIF)l; and Fresno's Rogue Performance Festival, and the
SOMAfest (Somatic Movement Arts Festival) in both Los Angeles and New York City
Embodied Presence....  Eco Movement....  Somatic Dancing...  

We are all bio-systems living within a broader-band ecosystem.  Our body is a living process, with billions
of years of movement information available.  Based in practices to activate the senses, the connection
between somatic practices and artistic creation is the basis of all the choreographic movements in Intention
Dance Theatre.

When we move with sensorial awareness of our internal environment in relation to our external surroundings,
the performance arena thrives, and we play a part in sustaining and evolving our world.  The vast bio-creative
impulses within our physicality provide rich movement opportunities our conventional brain could not think of.  
Somatic embodiment creates  juicy dancing!  We develop  our fluid capacity for sustained creative possibilities,
dancing with the unfolding unknown in each moment.
”Intent is a force that
exists everywhere in
the Cosmos. When
Artist as Alchemist
beckons intent,
attunement and
receptivity comes to
them naturally, which
means the body and
mind are experienced
as a living process in
alignment with the bio-
field.”   Teri Carter
Artistic Director and Founder, Teri Carter, brings over 30 years of dance experience to IDT.   With a foundation
in Traditional and Improvisational Dance, Teri's career as a choreographer, performer and teacher  based on
her practice to activate the senses, where the connection between somatic practices and artistic creation is the
basis of all the choreographic movements.  Her work is laced with Contact Improvisation, and Somatic
Movement forms such as Body-Mind Centering, Continuum Movement, Authentic Movement, Tai Chi Chuan
and Chi Gung.