With a Masters and B.F.A. in Dance, and various Therapeutic and Somatic Movement
Certifications, Teri has a deep understanding of the body in motion.
 She has practiced,
taught, choreographed and performed dance and movement since 1979, and she was an
athlete for many years prior.  As the founder and director of L.A.'s Intention Dance Theatre
and the SOMA Fest, as well as NYC's former Mobility Junction Dance Company, she has
recieved dance fellowships and grants in Los Angeles, New York City, Oregon, Wisconsin,
Germany and Mexico.  She has choreographed over 40 dance pieces and seven full
concerts, and has collaborated with and produced numerous independent artists in festivals
and conferences.  

Fostering integrative research, creativity, and performance in the arts, Teri offers a unique
perspective on the link between kinesthetic and expressive disciplines.  For the past decade
Teri has pursued the puzzle of holding conscious awareness in performance, expanding
beyond the cognitive and immediate aesthetic concerns of technique, style, and the
individual ego of the performer.  In advocacy for the planet's diverse bio-systems, her work
taps into physical and perceptual presence through embodiment, opening a portal to the
concerns of bio-systems everywhere through felt interconnection.
Contemporary Somatic Dance
What Critics have said about Teri Carter's Performance Work:

  • "Powerful"     Washington Post, Lisa Trager

  • "Clever and Arresting"    Village Voice, Debra Jowitt

  • "Sheer Ingenuity of Movement"    New York Times, Jack Anderson

  • "Brilliant harnessing of the body"   Los Angeles Times, Lewis Segal
Teri Carter
Teri Carter is a movement and health artist who explores the
transformative capacity of the arts.  Teri's career as a choreographer,
performer and teacher is based on her practice to activate the senses,
where the connection between somatic practices and artistic creation
is the basis of all the choreographic movements.
Specializing in Improvisation, Somatic Movement, Contact
Improvisation and Martial Arts, Teri brings adventures in the
unmapped territories of the human body-mind, in both class
and performance environments.  Participants can experience

the scope of our humanity by gleaning that 'movement is the
message and the messenger,'  an invitation to slow down and
allow cellular/tissue intelligence to play a part in our responses.
We learn to move beyond previously held perceptions of the
body's capabilities; the implications spill into our daily lives,
bringing more awareness to ourselves and the planet.