MENTORING PACKAGES consist of  5 or 10  private sessions . . .
One-to-one sessions are available on phone, Skype, or in person at a discounted price for a series of
individual private sessions.  Your chance to engage privately with Teri on personal material for healing,
integration or high performance.  
By phone or skype, your consultation consists of somatic exercises
and coaching to meet your needs, with action steps you can easily engage in and follow-up
accountability with Teri.  
In person, wearing comfortable clothing, we'll work with a blend of bodywork therapies and gentle
somatic movement exercises to meet your individual needs and intentions.    read more...

A powerful experience with a full day of consultation and compassion.  Teri will join you in your home, office or
sports environment to help you learn your psycho-physical habits and how you can overcome those nagging body

patterns that persist in bringing pain and tension to your body-mind experience.  You'll gain a new sense of
self-care, fitness and a direction toward loving your body and living your vision.

The ultimate in a healing and regenerative experience with a two day/one night stay at the EMBODY LIFE
in Canyon Country, Southern California.  Surrounded by mountain vistas, friendly horses,
and nourishing nature, Teri will guide you in repatterning your body's pain, injury and limitations.  

"You'll gain a new sense of self-care, fitness and direction toward loving your body and living
your vision."  
Teri Carter
Teri Carter

“And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more
painful than the risk it took to blossom.”

— Anais Nin
Engage    Explore    Empower
Engage    Explore    Empower
embody life
Transition into a new reality of wellness, creativity, presence
Transition into a new reality of wellness, creativity, presence
BENEFITS...  As a strong advocate of self-care, Teri's passion for holistic health
and fitness is geared toward facilitating your body's own ability to heal itself.
Strength then develops without limitation.  Through therapeutic bodywork,
somatic movement education and life coaching, Teri guides you through a
process of reclaiming your health and strength to benefit each area of your life.  
Embody Life therapy, movement education and life coaching has been
developed over 30 years.  Teri has a deep understanding of how our
nervous system and body holds old woundings. We can emerge
through the shadows of emotional darkness and constricted physical
pathways into a life of ease and flexibility.

PRACTICES I've trained in and integrated into my work.  I am
grateful for the opportunity to help facilitate your renewal.
One-on-one sessions are available by phone, Skype, or in person.  In a 90 minute session
you will wear comfortable clothing you can move in, we'll work with gentle-yet-powerful somatic
exercises, a blend of body therapies, and life coaching to meet your individual needs and

In-Person:  We begin by sitting and talking about your concerns and goals.  We
then assess your postural alignment before practicing simple, restorative and
strengthening exercises that provide self-care strategies and bring profound
results. Next, you'll be lying fully clothed on a massage table, where you can deeply
relax and restore mobility.  I offer a blend of light touch, deep tissue and energetic
hands-on therapies that bring a pleasant state of meditation.  You may even fall
asleep as you integrate your experience.  You will leave feeling a new sense of
awareness and ease.
Via Skype or Phone:  Similar to an in-person session, you'll experience embodied
movement exercises and life performance mentoring to access your inner wisdom
and to meet the world with ease and confidence. You'll learn simple self-care
processes that help prevent pain, heal injury, and erase the negative effects of
aging and active living. The bodywork therapy component will be met via distance
energy work. You will discern action steps to help make any necessary shifts to live
your vision. I provide follow-up support and accountability.
Here's what my work can do for you...
My system is a proven formula for restoring the rest and revitalization of your
body and to slow down from living in our fast-paced world.  You can find freedom
from limiting patterns and awaken to new levels of aliveness.  Gently releasing
pain and trauma from both your body and mind positively impacts your wellbeing,
relationships and work.  You can become a master of resting into action . . .
                                                        Teri Carter, MA RSME CMT CC
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appointment only
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Agua Dulce, CA

Call 310-488-9879
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Also Private Phone
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90 Minute Private
In this Complimentary
30 minute Consultation
we'll discover how your
health ~ fitness ~ life goals
can benefit as you
Embody Your Life
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Here's what my work can do for you . . .
Drawing from decades of research and direct experience, I've designed the Embodied Life Method
(ELM) to embrace your innate potential in health, fitness and life performance.  Individual and group
sessions are geared toward you and the specific situation in your inner and outer world.  You'll come
away feeling renewed, powerfully present, pain-free, and self-empowered ready to meet your world.

ELM is a proven formula for rest and rejuvenation of your body and mind.  This practice blends body
therapy and exercise that provides your cells and nervous system a chance to slow down from living in
our fast-paced world.  I offer a holistic approach to vitality, presence, and pain release."

Holistic Coaching is an approach which takes the entire human being (and his/he
life experiences) into consideration.  We include Inhabiting your body & reuniting
with its intelligence ~ embodied awakening is one of the most potent ways to find
freedom in all that you do.

We are multi-dimensional beings, and we all have our own unique soul blueprints (which include those
lessons required so as to learn and integrate into our evolutionary growth), as well as possessing talents
which, when developed, synthesize with our individual soul evolution and purpose for being here.