The curriculum is based on the knowledge that we are
primarily fluid beings, 70-80% water, and the fluid within
our bodies is the primary agent of change.  Our body's
structure of connective tissue is form that is 'negotiable'
on physical and energetic levels, able to transform, heal
and innovate by engaging in experiential somatic
processes of movement, touch, sounding/voice and mind.
A body-based language to describe fluid movement and
body-mind relationships is utilized.
The Somatic Movement Arts (SMA)
Certification Program is a twelve-course, 500
hour program, that includes in-person sessions
and virtual online sessions that enable you to
facilitate health and transformation in yourself
and others.

This training qualifies you to register as a
Somatic Movement Educator with ISMETA,
the International Somatic Movement
Education and Therapy Association.  
fosters depth and dimensionality to the
practice/instruction of movement and
therapeutic disciplines such as athletics,
fitness training, dance, yoga, martial arts,
meditation, massage, physical/occupational
therapy, education, performance, child
development, psychotherapy, healthcare, etc.
Requirements for the completion of the SMA Certification Program include:
Become a Professional
Somatic Movement Educator or Therapist . . .
To graduate, students must successfully complete all coursework (classroom
and homework), fulfill all financial obligations and merit a testimony of
character and skill from the director, faculty and peers. Practitioner graduates
abide by the
SMA code of ethics and standards of practice, sign a letter of
agreement with
SMA promising to stay in contact at least once yearly to pay
annual dues and update their listing on the Directory, and to use the
appropriate language for Somatic Movement Arts™ in all their publicity.
Our program maintains
the high standards of an
Approved Training
Program of the
International Somatic
Movement Education and
Therapy Association
(ISMETA). Our graduates
meet all requirements to
become Registered
Somatic Movement
Educators (RSME) and
Therapist (RSMT).

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Continuum and Experiential Anatomy
Courses Integrating
  • Completion of the 500 hours: 12 in-person courses + 12 Virtual Online Trainings
  • Receive 6-12 individual mentoring sessions ($100/session) with SMA Faculty
  • Evidence of Anatomy/Physiology study outside the training program
  • Case Studies - 12 clinical practice sessions performed outside of class,
     each with case study reports
  • 12 Community Service hours