TERI CARTER  MS, CMT, RSME, CC, speaker, author, dancer,
internationally recognized somatic movement educator and bodywork
therapist has taken her decades of practice, research and study of
anatomical science and alternative therapies to develop her unique
training program. Drawing on cutting-edge science, proven
body-work therapy, somatic practices, and life coaching methods Teri
created the EMBODY LIFE METHOD, assisting thousands to
approach and dissolve the barrier of self-limitation in fitness, health
and life performance. An authorized Teacher by Emilie Conrad and
the current Director of Continuum Movement, and a Body-Mind
Centering Practitioner by Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen, as well as a
certified Life Coach, Qi Gong Instructor, and a Cranial Sacral TA
through Upledger, Teri founded the Somatic Movement Arts
Practitioner training program, Somatic Speaker Summit, Somatic
Equine Arts training program, SOMAfest - the Somatic Movement
Arts Festival, Intention Dance Theatre, and NYC's former Mobility
Junction Dance Company of mixed physical ability artists.  She was a
member of the ISMETA Board of Directors 2007-2016 serving as
President in 2016, and on the Editorial Board for the Journal of
Dance and Somatic Practices.
MARCELLA BOTTERO is a fitness instructor in private practice
and a yoga teacher certified by Ana Forrest and Gary Kraftsow.
She has been practicing meditation for 15 years in the Vipassana
and Rinzai Zen tradition. Marcella is a Spiritual Practitioner with
the Agape Church. She’s an authorized Continuum Teacher by
Emilie Conrad and is a Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapist.
Marcella has performed with Emilie Conrad's Continuum
Movement Theatre and with Teri Carter in SOMAfest.

DEBORAH RAOULT‘s work explores the dynamics of breath and
motion as gateways to freedom, transforming our relationship to
body, community and the Earth.  She co-founded and directed a
yoga and movement center, Open sky, in her native Rochester for
18 years.  Deborah has both assisted and co-taught with the
founder and developers of Continuum Movement Emilie Conrad
and Susan Harper. Other professional experience includes
teaching at Yoga Journal Conference - her training in yoga has
been in the iyengar tradition with senior teachers and with the
Iyengar family in Pune, India. She completed the four year Body
Mind Centering program.  Now based in Los Angeles after raising
three children, Deborah’s focus and passion is supporting women’
s spiritual practice through their relationship to body and the
sensuous cosmos. Her heart is continually surprised and humbled
by the teachings of high desert hawks and an Arabian horse
named Silver.

CHLOEë CHUNG MISNER is a movement therapist, body worker
and yoga educator in private practice.  Her approach synthesizes
Body-Mind Centering®, Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy, Yoga,
and Continuum. She incorporates the wisdom of ancient traditions
intersecting with contemporary science and everyday life making
the esoteric accessible, pertinent and applicable.  She facilitates
the practice of provocative inquiry and corporeal exploration to
experience a deeper sense of embodiment.  Chloë has studied
extensively with innovative pioneers in the somatic field, Bonnie
Bainbridge Cohen of Body-Mind Centering and Emilie Conrad of
Continuum, as well as yoga with Amy Matthews and sculpture with
Nancy Rubins.  

DAVID GILBERT has been exploring the interplay between sound
and movement, stillness and silence for over ten years.  He has
studied Continuum Movement, Naked Voice, Matrix Energetics,
Yuen Method, Reconnective Healing, meditation, yoga, kung fu,
tai-chi, and electrical engineering. He was a systems hardware
and software engineer for over 17 years; while there he began a
journey from the head to the heart and a continued arrival into the
earth plane ever since. He enjoys creating visual art, music,
writing and performance. At present, he is in discovery of being
the expression of the heart as best he can in all he is.

Plus other Somatic Movement Educators...
Founder and director of
Continuum Movement®,
a visionary whose capacity
for innovation had a major
transformational impact on
professionals in the fields of
somatics, movement
education, dance and physical
fitness.  Emilie received
awards for "Movement
Teacher" of the year and for
her work as a Somatics
Pioneer.  Emilie authored "Life
on Land", published by North
Atlantic Press.
Malcolm Groome is an authorized teacher of Continuum
Movement and a shamanic practitioner who brings the perspective
of various spiritual traditions to his work.  Since a very young age,
he has been a student of yoga, meditation, and the healing arts. A
practitioner of Vipassana, Tantra, and Dzogchen, he is also trained
in various modalities of bodywork, is a third-degree Reiki master,
and was on the healing staff of the School of Actualism. He holds a
Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from the University of North Carolina
at Chapel Hill, and has worked as an actor, singer, and dancer in
New York, Los Angeles, and regionally, and currently works as a
voice actor in Hollywood. Malcolm has facilitated shamanic and
Continuum workshops and retreats in the United States and Europe.
David Hurwith has been creating and presenting dances since 1981.
These dances have been performed at theaters in the United States
and Europe. The dancing has been informed by Mr. Hurwith’s
immersion into Contact Improvisation, Authentic Movement and Body-
Mind Centering®. The inspiration of Jazz music with its sublime
evocations of idiosyncrasy and moments of humor have led David to
experiment with a variety of methods and forms in creating work that
express the beauty and irony of many human moments and the
possibilities inside perception.  David offers classes in Authentic
Movement, Dance Improvisation, and Somatics. Since moving to
California in 2011, David has taught Embodied Anatomy at SOMAfest,
Calarts and the University of California, Santa Barbara.
Continuum and Experiential Anatomy
Courses Integrating