Utilizing a cutting edge Somatic Movement based model, Teri works one on one with
clients and in group workshops allowing for thought patterns, the nervous system and the
body to return to a natural state of calm and wholeness.  Gaining a sense of clarity and
moving in the world with a sense of ease, joy and increased physical/mental/spiritual
capacity! A reconciliation with our true self.
Teri Carter ~ Author, Educator, Speaker, Mentor, Dancer, Somatic Visionary. . .
The following is a SUMMARY OF SYMPTOMS & CONDITIONS from which Teri can help
you Release, Resolve and Revitalize.
Symptoms from

Muscle Tension..........Fatigue
Stiff Joints.........Poor Concentration
Sports/Dance Injury..........Poor Posture
Gastrointestinal upset.........Breathing Restrictions
Neck/Back Issues..........TMJ/Headaches
Arthritis..........Joint Injury/Discomfort
Diabetes..........Heart Disease

Move into pleasure and release suffering  from

Burn out..........Depression
Irritability..........Low productivity
Job & family stress..........Procrastination
Feeling overwhelmed..........Frustration
Type A behavior..........Worry
Frozen Negative Personal and Work Patterns
And many other conditions and signs of stressful anxiety

Change can happen naturally.
Participants have reported feeling the following after working with Teri.

* More ease and flexibility

* Decreased physical and psychophysical symptoms

* Enhanced physical capacity in sports, dance, professional performance

* A greater sense of clarity, presence and awareness

*Increased ability to cope with stressful situations

* Better connection and communication in relationships

* Improved self-esteem and enthusiasm for life

* Coping better with illness and chronic pain

You'll learn to be more aware of how to access your body's intelligence to promote pleasure,
ease and prowess in your life.  Honor your body and live your vision.
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