Speakers Include: Emilie Conrad, Don St. John, Mary
Abrams, Amber Gray, Robert Litman, Kennedy
Braden, Beth Riley, Priscilla Auchincloss, Elisa
Cotrone, Donnalea Van Vleet Goelz, Don Van Vleet,
Mark Waldman, Cherionna Menzam-Sills, Gael
Rosewood, Robin Becker, Don Hanlon Johnson.

Hosted by Teri Carter, Founder of EMBODIED LIFE
Waves of Health

Our FREE Live Virtual Summit
January, 2013 was a great success!

Eight Days, 16 Speakers
Live Interviews, Somatic Experiences and Q&A

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Unique Experiences with Somatic Visionaries . . .
So please join us and participate in this exciting series of
conversations and somatic experiences!

Your Host: Teri Carter MA, RSME, CMT, CC
Is This Program for Me?

If you desire effortless connection with the world around
you, as well as more creativity, ease and pleasure in your
life, this online summit will deliver and help you to become
a more embodied individual who can inspire, lead, and
transform the world around you.

If you're a health-care or somatic practitioner, a bodyworker,
a teacher in somatic studies, and/or have an interest in
Yoga, Dance, or trauma therapies - this online summit will
be of great interest to you.  

Infinite Waves of Health will be packed with
revolutionary information and practices that can help you  
enhance your physical, personal, and professional life.
Infinite Waves of Health Summit featuring Somatic Visionaries,  
January 18-25, is a virtual event to
support you in
cultivating a dynamic and responsive connection to
your body's intelligence
Learn how your body has the
innate capacity to transform, heal and flourish even in these
challenging times.

How can you connect more effortlessly to your own
health/healing process? How can you best navigate
an ever-changing world?

You'll experience simple self-care processes that help prevent
pain, heal injury, and erase the negative effects of aging and
active living.

You’ll find simple and powerful ways you can access the infinite
wisdom within yourself, to modulate your physical, emotional
and mental health.

You’ll learn how patterns of stress and trauma are expressed
through the body, affecting the way you experience every
aspect of your life.

Did you know that your being, relationships and work are all
impacted by the degree we are in touch with our bodies?

You will have the opportunity to learn practical tools from
innovators to dissolve personal challenges and grow light-years

For eight days, over a dozen somatic visionaries will explore
simple and powerful paths toward health and holistic fitness.

These teachers will inform, inspire, and help you understand
your own participation in the embodiment of health and fitness.

They will approach human well-being in ways that emerge from
the fundamental integration of movement, the physical body
and human consciousness.  

They will apply ‘body wisdom’, that can release old emotional
patterns and memories stored in your cells and activate your
innate healing capacity, so your body and being can go about
the process of healing naturally.   

Join people across the globe who are recognizing the huge
untapped potential within themselves and an undeniable
longing to experience this fully, to come home to themselves.

Each day of the Summit will feature 2 live interviews that
include a somatic experience and an interactive session in
closing.  If you miss the live interviews, you can access the
recordings on the New Waves of Health schedule page soon

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Registration for
Embodied Life Summit


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Listen at Your Leisure
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Somatic Visionaries
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Live Calls were FREE OF CHARGE in January 2013

You can also listen at your leisure and purchase the entire recorded series, available
immediately following the Summit.

Apply the methods learned through the program, to new life circumstances. Listening
to the program over time will allow you to absorb the material and make it your own.

This means you can keep a permanent record of the practices these teachers offer to
enrich your life and add to your own embodied self-health processes... also if you
purchase, you won't miss one of your favorites and can still experience their insights
later at your leisure.