As a Somatic Health and Fitness Specialist:
  • Teri is an advanced hands-on therapist trained in Body-Mind Centering (BMC),
    Therapeutic Massage, Cranial Sacral Therapy, Visceral Manipulation, MyoFascial
    Release and Reiki.
  • As a Somatic Educator and Therapist she has trained in Body-Mind Centering,
    Experiential Anatomy, Developmental Movement, Authentic Movement and Continuum
    Movement in her practice to help people find their optimal health and movement
  • Teri is certified as both a Fitness Trainer and a Life Purpose Coach.  These practices
    help individuals find direction, creating a strategic plan and action steps to follow
    through in achieving their personal, health and career goals.

As a somatic dance artist, Teri has been teaching, performing and choreographing
internationally for 30 years:
  • She is the founder and Artistic Director of Intention Dance Theatre in Los Angeles, an
    ensemble that promotes the development, creativity and vitality of individuals in
    classes and performance, as they interrelate with their environment and the planet.   
    The ensemble’s artistic mission is ‘Somatic Ecology,’ or embodied consciousness
    while interrelating with our environment.  
  • Teri founded and directs SOMA Fest L.A. (Somatic Movement Arts Festival), a project
    geared toward Somatic Movement Arts in practice, performance and daily life.  With
    one location in Los Angeles, SOMA Fest will soon expand to the east coast, and
    international sites.
  • Teri’s choreographic approach is an adventurous layering of new dance forms on a
    foundation of Modern and Ballet training.  Teri is deeply influenced by Somatic
    Movement, Contact Improvisation, Laban Movement Analysis, and Internal Martial Arts.
  • Teri has made impactful contributions to the dance field; she founded and directed
    Mobility Junction Dance Company (1993-2001) - New York City’s premiere dance
    project that integrated artists of mixed physical abilities.  As an advanced practitioner
    of Contact Improvisation, Teri authored and produced “On The Shoulders of Giants,”
    a choreographic masters thesis depicting the evolution of Contact in performance.  
    Her teaching/dance work has been presented internationally and she has received
    various grants and fellowships in Los Angeles, New York City, Wisconsin, Oregon,
    and Mexico.  She collaborates with dancers, musicians, and other artists.
Somatic Movement & Healing Arts

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