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What is Somatic Equine Arts ?
Horses are consummate teachers of how we are present in each moment.  
They naturally embody a somato-spiritual consciousness.

Somatic Equine Arts (SEA) is an innovative therapeutic embodied awakening process.  
Somatic Movement and connection with HORSES, the integration of our sensory
awareness and physical movement becomes a smooth synergy that coordinates our intellectual,
emotional, and intuitive expressions of physicality and consciousness.

We will combine the extraordinary methods of Embodied Mindfulness, Continuum Movement and
Body Balancing methods, with powerful and calming experiences with horses.

Equine-guided experiences draw upon the physical and metaphysical nature of the horse to help
us practice mindfulness, clear communication, and enjoy relationship. Horses rekindle our
playfulness and feelings of peace and well-being. When horses react to our body language and
energy, we learn to trust our somato-spiritual cues in response to asking:

  • Refining your intuition and developing your non-verbal listening, somatic perspective,
    expanded awareness, consciousness, how to read and articulate body language
  • Interpret and articulate horses responses, and develop inter-species communication.
  • Combining animal wisdom, somatic practices and relational instincts of both horses and
   participants to access deep resources, unwind trauma, and re-pattern historical shaping
   in the body.
  • Validation of intuitive abilities and sensate knowledge
  • Enhancing Leadership qualities and capability

We will use breathing and movement practices drawn from Continuum, Body-Mind Centering,
and Taoist Chi Gung Meditation, progressive relaxation, and natural horsemanship to connect
with horses and with our whole and greater selves.
Somatic exercise examples:
  • Mindful walkabout, somato-spiritual connections with the land
  • One-on-one time with a horse:  Approaching, projecting intentions energetically upon
   horses based on sensory awareness.
  • Approaching, Leading, and Grooming Horses: Exploring horse-human boundaries and
   personal space. Somatic awareness through grounding and centering with horses.
   Blending energy centers and centers of gravity with horses.
  • Somatic Movement Introduction: Continuum’s breath, sound and micro-movements. Body-
    Mind Centering's experiential anatomy and sensory-intuitive touch.  These practices will
   assist you to inhabit your body's intelligence with ease, and help you to apply the principles
   to working with horses.
Holistic  Health & Leadership  for Horses & Humans
Embody Life Ranch

Equine Somatic Arts
Training Program

As we learn to INHABIT
we'll learn to inhabit
our own bodies through
introductory Somatic
methods of self care, fitness
and leadership,
with Horse as Guide.

Deepen into Somatic
methods of self-care and
fitness with Somatic
Continuum Movement,  
Experiential Anatomy and
Therapeutic Touch, for
yourself with Horse as Guide,
as you prepare
yourself and learn
to apply these
methods to Horses.

While inhabiting the Wisdom
of Horses, you'll learn
somatic body balancing
applications for yourself,
others and horses. Discover
Elements of Continuum
Movement and Experiential
Anatomy that can restore the
body to natural states of rest
& dynamic equilibrium.  
Hands-on and Movement
applications will include
tissue and fascia release,
plus other healing modalities.

Equine Assisted Coaching
Where: Embody Life Ranch
High Desert Mountains
30 minutes outside of L.A.

Santa Clarita CA, USA
Teri deeply believes and has experienced, that horses can lead us back to our true
essence.   Horses have an unconditional, in the moment presence, which helps to
connect us with what really matters. They are clear, to the point, and honest about what
they perceive.  Their wisdom is timeless, there is so much to learn about just 'being'…
Teri Carter, director of SEA, is a registered Somatic
Movement Educator and Bodywork Therapist who
has been practicing myriad healing arts for the last
30 years. Drawing on a synthesis of research and
applied practice, Teri created the EMBODY LIFE
method grounded in science, proven body therapies,
somatic movement, and life coaching principles
helping hundreds pass barriers of self-limitation into
restored wellbeing. She designs and facilitates
effective training programs and healing processes  
for humans and animals.
embody life presents
Teri's passion for horses dates back to her childhood in Wisconsin, where she spent
endless hours breathing in, and adoring these magnificent beings.  Time spent with her
horse Sienna and other horses enriches her life. She is passionate about combining her
bodywork therapy and somatic background with equine assisted healing and learning.
Please note:
The services of Equine Somatic Artse are
intended to complement, not replace proper
veterinary care. We do not diagnose.
"Getting the attention and respect of a horse is a great learning experience.
You'd be surprised at other situations where that comes in handy.
Staying calm. Modulating all of the above when circumstances warrant."