For Humans and Horses ~ Level 2

Gain new perspectives on having a body-mind free of stress
while inter-relating with heart & meaning.

Deepening Into Embodied Awakening ~ Level 1

Inhabit your body & reunite with its intelligence ~
Somatic embodiment is one of the most potent ways to find freedom in all that you do.

An Introduction to Embodied Awakening

"You'll gain a new sense of self-care, ease and direction toward loving your body
and living your vision, with Horse as Guide."  
Teri Carter
Holistic  Health & Leadership  for Horses & Humans
Embody Life Ranch
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EMBODY LIFE RANCH, Santa Clarita, Southern CA
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Please note:
The services of Equine Somatic Artse are
intended to complement, not replace proper
veterinary care. We do not diagnose.

Equine Assisted Coaching
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  • Slow down and become “Present”
  • Reclaim the Resources of Our Bodies
  • Grow Empathy and Deep Listening
  • Dissolve Barriers to Desired Goals
  • Gain Clarity & Relational Skills
  • Cultivate Confidence & Communication
  • Establish Healthy Boundaries
  • Engage your Innate Creativity
These equine assisted trainings help us notice what we practice in life, if what we practice still serves us, and to help us
develop practices that align our values with our actions.  As we resource the wisdom of our bodies, while inter-relating with the
world of horses, we learn to reduce negative thinking, calm emotions, stay open to possibilities, cultivate a leadership
presence, bring clarity to difficult situations, visualize positive futures, and grow the capacity to fulfill commitments.

Some of the benefits of working with horses as coaching partners, leaders and learners:
Immersion. Join us for a one day restorative experience at the Embody Life Ranch in California.  Surrounded by
mountain vistas, friendly horses, and nourishing nature, Teri will guide you in a somatic approach to repatterning pain,
injuries and limitations of the body-mind.  Sienna, Teri's 9 year old mare - a gated quarter horse, will be our guide in
learning to absorb the wisdom that horses innately hold.  This intro sets the fundamentals for the full SEA training
program, as well as providing an opportunity for individuals interested in exploring their personal self-knowing and
self-healing without engaging in the whole certification.  You will also gain a basic introduction to Somatic Movement
and Body Balancing methods to help erase pain and holding patterns from your body.  
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This workshop is open to people from all walks of life, and also serves as the foundation in obtaining an Somatic Equine Arts Body
Balancing certification.  
Concentration. Develop your capacity to read the cues and signals from your own body, and the body of
Horse.  We will explore the realm of senses and perception, learning the motor-perceptual loop in both
humans and horses to better understand how we perceive our life experience, from pain and fear to joy and
pleasure.  You will discover how Somatic Movement and Body Balancing methods can help dissolve pain and
holding patterns from your body, and how to attune this experience with HORSE. You will become more
comfortable with experiential anatomy to help connect with your physicality and that of HORSE.
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This workshop is open to graduates of the INTRO LEVEL, EMBODIED AWAKENING, and serves as the intermediate
level in obtaining a Somatic Equine Arts Body Balancing certification. Three days of training
Depth. While inhabiting the Wisdom of Horses, you'll learn basic somatic body balancing methods for yourself,
others and horses.  Elements of Continuum Movement and Experiential Anatomy will help you discover
embodied applications that can restore the body to its optimal states of rest and dynamic equilibrium.  You will
deepen into the experience of embodied anatomy to help connect with your own physicality and that of HORSE,
and to become more confident in reading the body's response. Hands-on and Movement therapies learned will
include tissue and fascia release, plus other healing approaches.  
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This workshop is open to graduates of the INTRO and LEVEL 1 modules. Upon completion, along with homework
assignments and approval from the Director, requirements will have been achieved in obtaining a Somatic Equine Arts
Body Balancing certification.  Three days of training