CAMILLE MAURINE, is a writer, performing artist, and educator internationally
renown for her innovative performance trainings and integral energy practices for
women. She is the author of Meditation Secrets for Women: Discovering Your
Passion, Pleasure, and Inner Peace, and Meditation 24/7: Practices to Enlighten
Every Moment of the Day, written with her husband, Dr. Lorin Roche. A teacher since
1975, Camille's innovative energy-based movement, meditation, and theater
practices have touched and inspired thousands of people around the globe. Camille
Maurine is the President of Syzygy Creations, Inc.

Camille is an authority on self-care and meditation for women, and how each woman
can customize the practices to suit her body type, emotional nature, and daily life.
She is a pioneer in developing the applied psychology of the future, in which people
will practice techniques that balance their body chemistry and emotions and prevent
trouble before it arises. Meditation and movement are powerful tools, deeply affecting
your body chemistry, your emotions, and your perceptions. This is why "meditate
right for your type" is an important and useful concept, and is absolutely essential for
women. Camille's passion on the subject led to the writing of Meditation Secrets for
Women, and her continued dedication to its principles. She currently gives a dynamic
Online Course and Teacher Training based on the 12 Secrets of the book.

Camille has appeared on numerous radio and TV programs, and her work has been
featured in Self, Shape, Yoga Journal, Body and Soul, Healing Lifestyles and Spas,
Fit Magazine, Spa Magazine, Crescent Magazine, Elle, and others. She gives talks,
performances, and seminars for groups such as The Inside Edge, C.G. Jung
Institutes, and international conferences on psychology, art, somatics, and
spirituality. Camille has been honored as the “meditation expert” for The Kali Guide:
A Directory of Resources for Women, Exploring Womanhood, and The Open Grove.
A dancer versed in the performing and healing arts, she is the creator of
kinAesthetics and Moving Theater, a transformative creative process.

Camille Maurine's unique approach to inner exploration and creativity integrates the
fields of meditation, yoga, dance, and theater. When she moved from Santa Fe to
Los Angeles in 1989, Camille coined the term "kinAesthetics" for her work - the
interplay between subtle energy sensing, deep fluid movement, and dynamic
expression. This embodied attention tunes one to living with an aesthetic sensibility,
a rich sensory awareness of reality as an unfolding artful creation. Since 1990,
Camille's teachings on experimental, "inside-out" performance have been called
Moving Theater. These classes focus on accessing one's inner life and imagination
through various awareness practices, and then creatively expressing those
revelations in movement, sound, and speech.

Camille was active in theater throughout her schooling, beginning in 6th grade,
receiving acclaim for her role as "Medea" when she was 17. She studied
improvisational theater at Second City in Chicago in the early 70's (taking the "L" with
classmate Bill Murray), and performed in their theater for children. Camille trained in
modern dance and performed professionally in Chicago, New York, and Santa Fe,
also learning a rich array of ethnic dance forms, including classical Indian, Middle
Eastern, African, Japanese, and Flamenco. She attended St. Xavier College,
DePauw University, and NYU School of the Arts.

After Camille started meditating in 1972, she became interested in the internal
dimensions of movement, eventually teaching meditation and body awareness in the
context of her dance classes. Her own inner journey led her to a profound inquiry into
psychological, physical, and spiritual health, and to training in the healing arts. Her
experience includes four decades of yoga, twelve years as a practitioner of Essential
Integration body therapy (1977-1989), and Continuum movement since 1983. She
has delved into the practices of many traditions, including Transcendental
Meditation, Zen, and Tibetan Buddhism. The devoted study of Jungian depth
psychology and dreamwork also richly informs her work.

Camille teaches at the Continuum Studio in Santa Monica, California, offering private
sessions, workshops for women, and Moving Theater classes for men and women.
She travels widely to give talks and performances as well as workshops based on the
Meditation Secrets for Women. Camille and her co-author and husband Dr. Lorin
Roche give workshops and retreats worldwide in meditation, movement, and
Faculty Bios & Class Descriptions
Developed and taught by Camille Maurine, Moving Theater is a direct, empowering
way to tap into the currents of life within and allow them to inform and transform us.
With loving subtle and dynamic movement, breath and voice play, intuitive writing,
and theater improvisation, we give body to these vital inner energies and share them
with others in artful expression. This is the Theater of the Soul.
The energies of love and life are always pulsating within us, seeking conscious
attention and expression. They are cosmic, and they are personal. We feel them as
flow in our bodies, as the ache of longing and passion, as the whisper of visions and
dreams. Nature designed us to create with these life-giving energies, to share the
gifts with others in a full circulation of love and inspiration.

Developed and taught by Camille Maurine, Moving Theater is a fertile, supportive
environment to delve deeper into your inner world and to dare fuller outer
expression. Using empowering skills of presence and creative embodiment, we dive
into the movement of soul, listen to the voice within, and give artful expression to
messages we receive. In community with other creative explorers, you witness and
are witnessed in this profound and joyous process.

Moving Theater of the Soul:  Thursday, Sept 11, 3-5:30pm