Caryn Heilman danced with the Paul Taylor Dance Company for ten years before
founding her own company LiquidBody Dance.  She has taught graduate classes
in multidisciplinary somatic performance at the University of California, Irvine and
taught master classes at Princeton, Hollins, Texas Christian and Dennison
Universities, Smith College, Beijiing Dance Academy, Jacob's Pillow Dance
Festival, Orange County and LaGuardia High Schools of the Arts and more. She
has taught with and been mentored by Emilie Conrad, Yvonne Rainer Annie Loui,
John Crawford and Paul Taylor. She is a Continuum Movement authorized teacher
with an MFA in Modern Dance.  For more info visit
LIQUIDBODY DANCE: Saturday, Sept 13, 9-11:30
Immersed in rich projected images of moving water your journey into your own liquid
body will begin with movement exploration cued by the vibration of your own vocal
soundings and live world music.  The movement warmup (Continuum-based) will help
you feel the inner landscape of your own fluidly formed structure - vibrating cells,
bones and connective tissue - to provide a deep resource for expression.  Then we
will dance with a focus on resonant communication to strengthen and refine your
performance artistry whether it be on or off stage.
Caryn Heilman
Faculty Bios & Class Descriptions
Performance Lab:  Tues - Sat, Sept 9-13, 12:30-3pm (Sun Performance)
be performed on the last day of the Festival. It is necessary to carve out the week for
in-depth work together, so we hope you'll get support for your somatic work through
other classes in the Festival.  Continuum movement will be the particular somatic
portal through which we organize our performance - using its fluid systems language
and techniques for the in-class collaborative score building.  

Co-taught by Teri Carter, Caryn Heilman and Russel Mulock. Click here for more
Theater Ensemble in SOMA FEST 2007 and 2008, and the SOMAfest Performance Lab
2007-present, this revolutionary approach to presence, creativity, and movement
inspired by the 3 Anatomies outlined in "Life on Land", Caryn and Teri carry forth this
vision of bringing forth our broadband virtuosity on stage and in every aspect of life.  

Starting with a Continuum Dive, we will begin our group preparation and then shift our
inner experience into an outer world "play".  The discovery of gesture will emerge into
character expression. Let’s move beyond our stifling adaptive patterns, ultimately
becoming a resource for health and creativity.”   
Both Caryn and Teri are authorized Continuum Teachers, and they Co-Taught with
Emilie since 2007 in the SOMAfest Performance Lab, where they have both gleaned
the key ingredients in the Creative Edges process.  Teri was a member of Emilie’s
Continuum Movement Theater Ensemble. Teri was a member of Emilie’s Continuum
Movement Theater Ensemble.