Russel Mulock trained and performed in in the Continuum Movement
Theater ensemble, and studied Continuum Movement with Emilie Conrad
since 2007.  Russel has participated in the SOMAfest Performance Lab since
its inception in 2007.  He has been a sound designer since 1980 working in
the San Francisco Bay area and Los Angeles.  He designed the
soundscapes for Emilie’s Nijinsky and Kafka performances for SOMAfest
2007 & 2008.  He is trained in Craniosacral Therapies with the Upledger
Institute and Hugh Milne.  He practices group improvisation and has trained
with John Thies from Second City at HotHouse in Los Angeles and Camille
Maureen’s Moving Theater of the Soul.  In addition to his love for movement
and the integration of dark matter, he practices videography, web design and
choral singing when he is happiest.
Faculty Bios & Class Descriptions

Continuum movement and Emilie Conrad's Creative Edges method will be the primary
somatic portal through which we organize our performance - using its fluid system
language and gestural character techniques for the in-class collaborative score

This intensive is for you if:
  • You are a Dancer ~ Visual Artist ~ Musician who is ready to
    embody creativity
  • You are a Movement Teacher who would like to have more
    confidence and presence when you demonstrate in class
  • You choose to be your "essential self" in all that you do
  • You desire to be more powerfully present in your practice,
    performance and daily life
  • You are ready to deepen your capacity for refined articulation in
    body-mind movement
  • You prefer to be intimately connected to your inner physicality
    and outer world surroundings, whether on-stage - at work - in
    your personal life

One pre-festival tele-conference will begin the process of connecting and finding out
about each person's journey thus far and what they are hoping to express in
performance.  This group call is preparation for our time together in the studio during
the festival.

We encourage Lab participants to attend other classes during the festival, as the
other workshops have been structured to foster a deep somatic unfolding for you,
which will support the Performance Lab process.  The morning classes are
particularly important for your warmup, so you'll be 'somatically primed' with
consciously embodied impulses to start the performance-making journey during our
Lab hours.  Your somatic warmup brings harmony to our starting point each day so
we can use our Performance Lab class time most efficiently.  

The Lab will culminate on Sunday, September 27 with an early afternoon
group tech rehearsal and a 4pm performance.

Questions?  Contact Teri Carter at 310-488-9879 or email