How do you embrace each moment with your whole being, body and mind?

Mindful movement can enhance every aspect of your life, on stage or in daily life.
Engage in six days of moving and co-creating together culminating in a 20 minute
group piece, performed on the last day of the Festival. It is necessary to carve out
the week for our in-depth work together, so we encourage you to get support for
your somatic work through other classes in the Festival. Continuum movement
and improvisation will be an essential somatic portal through which we organize
our performance - using embodied awareness and  fluid systems language
methods for the in-class collaborative score building.  

Co-facilitated by Teri Carter, Caryn Heilman, John William Johnson and Russel

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CONTINUUM CREATIVE EDGES:  Tuesday, Sept 9, 9-11:30am
Explore how the inner process of Continuum discovery spills into the outer reaches of
relationship.  Continuum's process of creative discovery will be shared in this workshop,
inspired by Emilie Conrad’s performance process by the Continuum Movement Theater
Ensemble in SOMA FEST 2007 and 2008, and the SOMAfest Performance Lab 2007

Starting with a Continuum Dive, we will begin our group preparation and then shift our
inner experience into an outer world "play".  The discovery of gesture will emerge into
character expression.

Continuum is a revolutionary approach to a quantum re-mapping of the human body.
Tissue structure becomes multi-dimensional as streams of nourishment are readily
absorbed as if one were bathing in the elixir of life itself.  Become adventurers in the
unmapped territories of the human body.  Experience the scope of our humanity by
entering into frequency realms that are not bound by time, space or condition.  Learn to
move with profound restorative energies that enrich our consciousness and nourish our

Let’s move beyond our stifling adaptive patterns, ultimately becoming a resource for
health and creativity.”   

Both Caryn and Teri are authorized Continuum Teachers, and they Co-Taught with
Emilie since 2007 in the SOMAfest Performance Lab, where they have both gleaned
the key ingredients in the Creative Edges process.  Teri was a member of Emilie’s
Continuum Movement Theater Ensemble. Teri was a member of Emilie’s Continuum
Movement Theater

Our Somatic movement exploration will help dissolve restrictive body-mind patterns and
nurture an effortless physicality as we expand our connection with others and the world
around us.

We'll begin with a preparation of open attention for internal awareness and grounding,
plus a Continuum Movement dive of breath, sound and subtle movement to open our
system, cue our listening capacity, and engage in a spiralled spatial awareness.  

Then we'll move into warm up exercises of Contact Improvisation, applying our self
awareness to the 3D nature of rolling through the point of touch that encourages our
body to move in unexpected ways in relation to our partners and gravity.
TERI CARTER's creative embodied movement process is informed by over 30 years
of dance, improvisation and mindful body practices (

Teri has created more than 50 dance pieces and produced 8 dance concerts of her
work.  She holds a BFA and a Masters in Dance. Classically trained in her teens, she
expanded her studies to Contact Improvisation and Post Modern Dance. She has
performed and taught dance/somatic movement across the US, in Europe, Mexico
and Asia.  She performed with Emilie Conrad in the Continuum Movement Theatre
Ensemble, participates as a company member in Caryn Heilman’s LiquidBody  
Dance, and Teri was the founding Director of NYC's former Mobility Junction Dance
Company of mixed physical ability artists that toured the US and Europe in the 90's..  

She is an authorized Continuum Movement Teacher, Registered Somatic Movement
Educator and Therapist, Body-Mind Centering® Practitioner, Tai Chi/Chi Gung
Instructor, Personal Fitness Trainer, Life Success Coach, Bodyworker and Cranial
Sacral Therapist. She is on the Boards of ISMETA and the Journal for Dance and
Somatic Practices.  

Teri is the founder and director of L.A.'s Intention Dance Theatre, SOMAfest, the
Infinite Waves of Health and Creativity Somatic Speaker Summit (www., the Somatic Movement Arts certification training
program (, and the Equine Somatic Arts training
program (  

Teri offers classes, workshop and private sessions in Santa Monica and she resides
in Canyon Country outside of Los Angeles, with her horse Sienna at the Embody Life
Retreat Center.
Continuum Creative Edges, co-taught with Caryn Heilman:  Tuesday, Sept 9, 9-11:30am
Continuum & Contact Improvisation:  Sunday, Sept 14, 9-11:30
Performance Lab: Tuesday-Sun, Sept 9-14, 12-3
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