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Deborah Raoult‘s work explores the dynamics of breath and motion as gateways to
freedom, ones  transforming our relationship to body, community and the Earth.  

She co-founded and directed a yoga and movement center in her native Rochester
for 18 years.  Deborah has both assisted and co-taught with the founder and
developers of Continuum Movement Emilie Conrad and Susan Harper. Other
professional experience includes teaching at Yoga Journal Conference in Estes Park,
Colorado.   Her training in yoga has been in the Iyengar tradition with senior teachers
and with the Iyengar family in Pune, India. She completed the four year program
Body Mind Centering program, developed by dancer and occupational Therapist
Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen.

Now based in Los Angeles after raising three children, Deborah’s focus and passion
is supporting women’s spiritual practice through their relationship to body and the
sensuous cosmos. Her most Current project is developing new protocols for
preparing women for childbirth.

Her heart is continually surprised and humbled by the teachings of high desert hawks
and an Arabian horse named Silver.
Faculty Bios & Class Descriptions
body through the breath and sound and intrinsic motion experiments Movement
arises out of our biological connection to the life of the sea. The diverse of
Continuum Movement to prepare for points of departure in open exploration into
fluctuations and motility of our fluid origins are available to us in the fluid system and
gravity and space, invite the mutable shaping, dissolution and reshaping potential of
connective tissue of our bodies. In this session we will play with shapes as the fluid
dynamics. This ocean still resides within us, in our blood, lymph, and evolutionary
portals in the web of life forms: our oceanic origins the development of cerebrospinal
fluid and in our cells. These evolutionary streams and tides and spirals remain in
ongoing shifting relationship with gravity, light and space.  The body you inhabit is a
living fluid prayer of exchange between Heaven and Earth.