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Frank Carbone has been marinating and slowly weaving a warm blanket in both
of his mentors Emilie Conrad and Ray Castellino's amazing bodies of work. Womb
Continuum is a branch of Frank's work that has emerged from the alchemy.

The parallel's of Continuum and Ray's work have been a fascinating and
mysterious journey, and I'd like to share some of my insights, and discoveries, in
my Collaboration - Dr Castellino and Frank Carbone's Womb Continuum work.
The Pre And Perinatal therapeutic field combined with Continuum Movement has
brought the teachings and principles of Dr Raymond Castellino and his "Womb
Surround Process Workshops" together with the fundemetal elements of Emilie
Conrad's Continuum. A potent figure eight of the spirals of life in the beckoning
pool of eros and love.

Frank is also a performing musician...
Faculty Bios & Class Descriptions
Continuum Movement - Womb Continuum:  Wednesday, Sept 10, 3-5:30
Following breath and tracking sensation you can feel into what your wanting in your
life, and the relavent history that can move non verbal experiences inside you.
Having safe supportive reflection & gently working with Continuum sounds we can
move through deep layers and shed light on new perspectives and create space for
new information to surface.

In these modern times it’s not hard to "unremeber" our own embryonic spiral of life's
creative pulse.  A pre verbal emergence, carried through the mystery of warm fluid
gestation, onto land, and into our unique family experience.

We were all someone's baby once,from pre conception to birth continuing into early
life experiences. and adulthood. Our bodies have stories that would love to be held,
witnessed with a kind felt sense.

Often while in a Continuum experience we can meet with curiosity our essence of
discovery within early imprints that show up in our adult life.
Implicit somatic memories become spirals recapitulated in our adult relationships and
self connections.