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Founded and Directed by Teri Carter and Intention Dance Theatre
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Georgianne Cowan has been teaching movement processes for three decades.
From wave motion to primal attunement, she is a humble student of life’s movement
in all its permutations, variations and contingencies. She received training in New
York at Merce Cunningham’s and at Boston Conservatory of Music and Dance,
culminating with extensive studies at Continuum in Los Angeles with Emilie Conrad,
where she served as a Continuum teacher in the early 80’s. She also has studied
and performed Middle Eastern dance consistently for over ten years.   Her class,
Body Landscapes, Dancing the Feminine was developed with her teaching partner,
Stephanie Franz.  Body Landscapes addresses mytho/poetic expression through
movement and ritual, cultivating awareness of subtle, elemental, and primal forces
that influence and inform the body/psyche.

Georgianne has lead workshops on creativity, the Sacred Feminine and facilitates
seasonal ceremonies. She has performed, produced and directed in all three World
Festivals of Sacred Music, a series initiated by the Dalai Lama. Her production,
Sacred Space/Sacred Ground included Middle Eastern virtuoso, Omar Faruk
Tekbilek and spiritual leaders from the four corners of the globe. She has performed
at the L.A. Theatre Center, Continuum, Mercado La Paloma, Asilomar Conference
Center, Stanford University, Wright Way Foundation, Cairo Carnival, EarthWays
amongst others. She is the author of The Soul of Nature, and Earth Dreaming. She is
currently working on a heroine’s odyssey inspired by Dante’s Inferno.
Faculty Bios & Class Descriptions
Meditative Movement - Dancing the Mythic Landscape of the Feminine:  
Saturday, Sept 13, 3-5:30pm
greater expression and provide meaning to our lives. When we access these potent
movement, sounding and breath, we will engage the mythic currents that have
shaped us as women, and re-connect with those that remain hidden/forbidden.
Obedience to culture, family, and the self-imposed exile of our “body’s inherent
wisdom,” compromises our life force. By coaxing the mythic and elemental allies out
into the open, actively “moving” with and through them, we may ultimately invigorate
our spirits and incorporate these forces into the scripture of our soul’s purpose.  

This workshop provides entry into the rhapsody of the body as well as a sacred
container to explore one’s inner “landscape.” The space will contain altars and
themed environments to explore, play, imagine, and move within. There will be both
quiet reflection and active engagement through movement, enlisting the power and