Join us to explore diverse movement practices that cultivate body-mind
integration, creativity, presence & community. SOMAfest enlivens artists,
audiences and participants from all walks of life to
move beyond expected
experiences of both physical
self-discovery and expression.
The Somatic Movement Arts Festival presents a profound opportunity to engage in the
inquiry of embodiment.  
We provide people from around the world to grow the
capacity to take their health and creativity into their own hands, to deepen into the
greatest version of who they truly can be.
Body Intelligence
Synergist Exchange
Mindful Movement
Creative Innovation
  • You practice or work in the fields of
    somatics, dance, fitness, yoga, athletics,
    movement, performance, theater, music,
    education, massage, child development,
    health-care, psychotherapy, leadership, or
  • You are from any walk-of-life and would like
    to learn simple self-care processes that
    enhance the physical, personal,
    professional and creative aspects of your life
  • You desire effortless connection with the
    world around you, as well as more creativity,
    ease and pleasure in your life
  • You'd like to become a more embodied
    individual who can inspire, lead, and
    transform the world around you
Engage - Express - Empower your self in this LIFE CHANGING event, you will be glad you did.
With more creativity, ease and pleasure in your life, SOMAfest will help you to become a more embodied individual who
can inspire, lead, and transform the world around you. The festival is geared toward individuals who have an interest in
exploring the body-mind connection for creativity, health and life performance in a process oriented and experiential way.  
Explore the body as
an evolving, living
process intimately
connected to all life...
Our Workshops support you in cultivating a dynamic and responsive connection to your
body's intelligence. Learn how your body-mind has the innate capacity to transform, heal
and flourish.  Learn bio-creative approaches to every-day-life and body-mind  innovation.

See the fabulous cast of Artists and Faculty for 2017
Eleven years, featuring over 100 Somatic Artistic Educators and Performers from around
the world, including some of the world's most prominent movement innovators, such as
Emilie Conrad, Anna Halprin, Simone Forti, and Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen!   
Continuum Movement
Body-Mind Centering
Tamalpa Life-Art-Process
Dancing the Mythic Feminine
LiquidBody Dance
Authentic Movement
Somatic Expression
Moving Sound & Storytelling
Mindful Movement Yoga
Contact Improvisation
Somatic Performance Lab
SOMAfest on
SOMAfest is an opportunity to cultivate freedom to be your
"essential self," interconnecting with our world.  
Celebrating the 50th anniversary of CONTINUUM MOVEMENT,
Emilie Conrad
(1934 - 2014), founder of Continuum was a visionary in the field of
Somatic Movement, Dance, Somatic Movement, and a pivotal figure in the 2007
co-creation of SOMAfest in collaboration with Artistic Director Teri Carter.
"Movement is what we are, not something we do"
SOMAfest     celebrates our Eleventh Year in Los Angeles, Sept 18 - Sept 24 at the
Continuum Studio and Highways Performance Space at the 18th Street Arts Center.
11    Annual   Somatic Movement Arts Festival
A  week  of  classes, workshops and performances  fostering
conscious embodiment in practice, performance and daily life
Sept 18-24, 2017
Los Angeles
Somatic Summit
Here are some of the myriad somatic methods featured in SOMAfest over the years.
Feldenkrais Method
Mitzvah Technique
Itcush Method
Somatic Experiencing
Moving Theater of Love
Continuum Creative Edges
Water Tai Qi & Continuum
Continuum & the Body's Meridians
Body Wisdom Breath-Words-Sensation
Embodied Improvisation-Sourcing from Within
The Somatic Movement Arts Festival in 2017 explores the inquiry of . . .
SOMAfest Travel
& Accomodation
Jamie McHugh, by Neil Silverman
Prairie House Dance, by Daniel Paquet
SOMAfest Los Angeles
September 18-24, 2017
Continuum Studio 1629 18th Street #7   &   Highways Performance 1651 18th Street, Santa Monica CA 90404
PARKING AVAILABLE 18th & 19th Street free parking, Meters on Olympic Blvd
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Somatic Understanding
Research Foundation
All Rights Reserved
SOMAfest is Founded and Directed by Teri Carter of Embody Life and Intention Dance Theatre in collaboration with Not Man Apart Physical Theatre
Banner photo credit: Camille Maurine by JBalnicke
Through somatically inspired learning experiences, performance, art,
and community engagement, our FACULTY, PEFORMERS, ARTISTS and
SOMATIC SUMMIT PANEL SPEAKERS will explore with you myriad
aspects of bio-creativity, embodied earth wisdom, species inclusivity,
water matters, body as earth, and movement as life!