with Teri and the Embody Life System

"Thank YOU for a wonderful class and for continuing to offer your classes to our
small group.  I’ve gotten so much from working with you, both privately and in
class.  Thank you!"

Janet M., JD, PhD, Los Angeles

"Thank you for the somatic bootcamp!  I so enjoyed being in the class and getting to
know you and your ways even more.  You are a gifted teacher and visioner and
feeler/knower of what is needed."

Julie Coren, Writer & Somatic Educator, L.A.

"In just four sessions with Teri I noticed subtle yet powerful shifts in my own ability
to self regulate and internally sense.  After fifteen years of chronic migraines my
nervous system has been overly sensitive, yet frozen.  Teri's work helped me to be
able to sense, for the first time in my life, the effect that long term migraines have
had on my nervous system and begin the process of understanding the tools I
need to be in charge of my own healing."

Ashley Johnson, Dance Artist and Educator, Canada

"Teri's classes are amazing!   I leave feeling not only restored, but also grateful for a
new way of thinking and experiencing my body's potential.  Moving beyond
conventional exercise, I am learning to experience deep relaxation and healing
through effortless, flowing movement.   I am convinced Teri's teaching and movement
practice will help me resist the aging process.  I could not be handling the stresses in
my everyday life with serious family member's illness without this new type of somatic

Sue Miller, Speech Pathologist & Author of Targeting Pronunciation, Los Angeles

"Teri, you have a natural ability to see the bigger picture of a health situation...  I
truly appreciate your process because it produces results that are tangible.  Your
hands-on body therapies and Somatic Movement education has been more
effective than the allopathic methods I’ve tried... My left ear was totally blocked, so
my hearing was marginalized.  When I went to a radiologist, an ear nose and
throat doctor, and a general M.D....  they all said the hearing loss was a residue of
the chemo that I’d undergone.  Each doctor wrote it off as though it was a
complication I just had to live with... Your proactive process has empowered me to
better understand a holistic relationship of my health issue, with a positive outlook
and ways to implement a self-healing process.  It's great to hear again!"...

Richard Corwin, Event Producer & Emmy Award Winning Supervising Sound

As a Reiki Master I am well versed, well acquainted with healing in the body and a
oneness in the Universe, with all things.  In the SOMATIC workshop with Teri I
experience a deepening of this truth to levels that are new and unexplored within me.  
I have done a lot of release work and much personal healing and yet, in this venue, I
find I can go much further on my own healing path.

Eva Montealegre, Reiki Instructor Los Angeles

"Teri has a presence that invites you to unfold.  She combines that with an intellectual
capacity that integrates the experience.  You leave her workshops feeling nourished."

Laura - Marriage and Family Therapist,
Los Angeles

"I've been speed skating, bmxing, climbing and jumping off buildings since I could
count.  And I have stories, scars, stitches and some tweaks in my body to prove it.  
I have experienced many modalities of healing, yet none as built upon both client
and practitioner understanding and working with the body.  And the effects of this
partnership in work with Teri can be felt.  Not only is there the calm and restful
state of being touched and worked on by a professional, but I also left feeling
independent and more able to treat myself.  I will certainly return to delve deeper."

Patrick Miller, "Extreme Athlete",  So Africa

"Teri, your class continues to amaze me and I'm really grateful for it. I can read Pema
Chodron or David R. Hawkins or whom or whatever all day with sincerity until the
cows come home, but I don't ever learn anything.  For me books are very useful to
reflect into after having experience, but not so much before.  Experience trumps
knowledge (someone has said that) and your class is a wealth."

Z, Administrative Assistant, Los Angeles

“Teri Carter is extremely patient, caring and skillful, and my sessions with her went
beyond “body work therapy”.  She balanced, relaxed and energized my mind and
body, leaving me with a sense of calm, happiness and freedom from pain and
discomfort.  Working with her was centering and transcendental.  She is not only a
gifted practitioner, she is a teacher, and the lessons learned while working with
her will be used throughout my lifetime.  Bless you Teri Carter!”  

Jaime Nicolaisen, Composer and Teacher“

"Guiding us deeper and deeper inward, then further and further outward, Teri's
precisely guided exploration of internal body-mind experience in relation to the
seemingly external field opened me to pure Awareness.  We also went outdoors to
look at a plant.  Because of her guidance, it was almost possible to sense the
molecules of the plant moving. "

Judith Rivin, LCSW, Los Angeles

"After one session with Teri, a nagging migraine headache was gone.  Quite a
relief from more than 6 days of debilitating pain.  I'm so relieved!"

Meg Patterson, Richmond, Virginia

Thank you for the revelatory experience that today's workshop provided for me. I don't
remember ever being so present both in mind and body as I was today. I hope that I
will be able to incorporate that into my life on a regular basis.

Judith G, Zero Balance Practitioner, Los Angeles

Erika had carpal tunnel restriction...

"MY HAND!  MY HAND!  Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU, Teri.  My right hand has
I feel silly that I never realized that the 'natural' shape my right hand was in, was
not natural at all.  You know how my hand kind of folded and pulled in in the
middle and how I had this bulge below my right thumb, with lots of pain?  GONE --
all of it. The bulge under the right thumb is gone and the tissue is soft and
pliable, not stiff and stuck. MIRACLE!!!!  Also, the hand is more flush with the wrist
and the wrist more flush with the forearm.  You're a miracle lady.  I'm SOOOO
happy!  I will see you next week.....I'd like to spend a little more time on
exercises/movements I can do at home for my hand.  NO SURGERY for me!"

Erika, Executive Asst, Los Angeles

Thank you so much for your the beautiful experience last Saturday. Your Inhabiting the
World of Horses
workshop was unlike anything I have ever experienced before! In
this tumultuous world we live in you provided us with a space of pure grounding and
involvement with these elegant creatures. A space where we could drop down deep
into our own inner resources and feel one with all that is.  These animals are so pure
in heart, so connected to all that is around them that one cannot help but feel it also.  
You and Brenda guided us so gently into the horse’s environment and alleviated all
fears we may have had. You gave us practical advice on how to claim our own space
with them and then allowed us to enter that world that is theirs and ours to claim. That
day will be with part of me now.  I have found myself going back to the horses
often in my mind with great peace and pleasure.  I long to be with the horses again as
if they are old and ancient friends of mine.

Thank you again Teri for opening up that place for me.  So much Love to You,

Ellen Lane, Artist, Topanga, CA
"I've been attending Teri's classes for several years.  She is a fantastic teacher!  She
has helped me develop a deep level of communication with my body, enabling me to
find substantial relief from chronic pain and tension and giving me confidence in my
body's ability to repair and rejuvenate itself.  Besides her thorough understanding of
Continuum, she incorporates a vast knowledge of other somatic practices and Toaist
martial arts practices and makes it all relevant and accessible.  She explains difficult
concepts clearly and has a wonderful ability to tune into students to help them with
their individual needs."

Linda B.,  Attorney, Los Angeles
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Transition into a new reality of wellness, creativity, presence
Transition into a new reality of wellness, creativity, presence