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"Continuum has radically shifted how I perceive my body and mind. It has
transformed my life's work and personal practice.  Breath, sound,
coor-dinating with gravity, and the sustained stillness and/or subtle
movement of open attention to illuminate presence are the anchor of my

Contact me for
private sessions and mentoring in Continuum Movement
or Embody Life Integrated Therapies
.  Take a journey into your deep fluid
core and its healing nature to invigorate your life with new ways of thinking,
moving and living.  
embody life
CONTINUUM MOVEMENT is an invitation to slow down and pay attention to
our true nature and inner wisdom. As we explore the movement of breath,
experience vocal sound permeating our cells, and move in the ocean of our
body's fluid, we find spacious ways that emerge from attention to deeply felt
sensation.  Continuum is an antidote to the speed and stress of everyday life.
Continuum is refined support for other movement practices, for the creative
process and for other healing modalities.
Somatic Movement & Healing Arts
with Teri
Amplify and refine the far-reaching communication within yourself, with
others, and with the world, using Continuum's dexterity of breath, resonance
of sound, and value of meaning.
Learn to use specific sounds and movement sequences to stimulate fluid movement within the body and mind for an
extraordinary awakening to the fullness of what it means to be alive.

In Continuum, we use sensation as a guide for awakening the body’s mysteries and the activating principle of the life
force that feeds and nurtures the entire system. Sensations of pleasure create an inviting climate for self-renewal.  
Imagery, breath, sound and movement are your doorways into the mysteries of life.
Founded by somatic movement pioneer, Emilie Conrad (1934 - 2014),
Continuum is a revolutionary body-mind awareness method that offers
more versatility to your bio-system.  "The organic nature of fluid
movement, the restoration of Eros, and the reclaiming of biomorphic
intelligence.The primary characteristic of any fluid system is its ability to
keep transforming itself.”

"We can be seen as a fluid unfolding of an innate intelligence. It is the same intelligence that is guiding the sperm and egg, the same
intelligence that created the membrane of the first cell, the intelligence that moves galaxies and iguanas. We inhabit a sea of
intelligent life beckoning us to enter."  
Emilie Conrad from her book
Life on Land

All fluids of the body — the circulating blood, the tides of cerebrospinal fluid, the pump of the lymph system, the net of membranes
or the swirl of viscera and brain — function as ONE  stream of intelligence. Continuum’s movements are designed to enhance the
undulating spirals and circularity of this fluid system. A full range of non-patterned movement, from dynamic full-bodied expression
to subtle micro-movements, stimulates neurological growth and vibrancy.
Monthly class, 7-9:30pm Thursdays in 2017
Ideal for people from all walks of life who wish to experience more ease and bio-
versatility in their system. New to Continuum - please arrive 15 minutes prior to class.
Through breath, sound, movement, sensation and pleasure, experience the interconnection of your origins with the larger currents
of all organisms,
beginning with the first cell and ultimately layered into the intricacies of human life.
Increased vitality, health and sense of well-being Greater core strength and flexibility Revitalized bones, joints, and skeletal health
Release, relaxation and realignment, much like receiving bodywork Heightened sensuality and increased receptivity Awakened
creativity, innovation and play Greater body awareness and trust in your body’s wisdom Deepened spiritual connection
Emilie Conrad
Benefits of Continuum practice include:
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Teri Carter
Teri Carter, Authorized Continuum Movement Teacher, MA in Dance, RSME, CMT, CC,
has practiced Continuum since 1997.  She served as Emilie's substitute Teacher in the
Continuum Studio 2007-2014, she was a member of Emilie's Continuum Movement
Theater Ensemble, and she currently serves as Continuum Movement director.
Read more about Teri and Embody Life
Continuum Montage Space, 1653 18th St, Santa Monica, CA 90404
Space is limited, pre-registration required. text 310-488-9879,  email
Fluid Place
A Continuum Movement Workshop Series
Workshop $55
or pre-register online by April 28  $47
Continuum Studio, 1629 18th Street #7, Santa Monica, CA 90404
Sundays, 2-6pm, June 25, Aug 27, Nov 19  2017
Many of us can recall Emilie Conrad emphatically sharing these words and the significance
of locating oneself. How can we find ourselves in somatic comfort, allowing our whole being
to rest and settle, drop under the tone of our nervous system and integrate with the earth's
gravitational field and cosmic stream of information?Lately, locating myself has consistently
served to offset the current cultural milieu of speed, confusion, political despair, and
bio-system attachment to technology, all of which deters us from comfortably navigating the
terrain of life.

I invite you to join me in embracing the practice of attuning to nature's support, where
ground and direction becomes familiar in each moment and our fluid body resonates with all
time/space. As we slow down, sensory signals guide us, cueing the body's inner landscape
of subtle movement and mutability of form, to deepen with every breath in relation to our
world.    Like the ocean is a body of water, the whole human organism is a body of
movement. In open attention we can recognize that we ARE movement, we shift from fixation
and receive the nourishing creative flux that is available to us.

Continuum's fluid movement, dexterity of breath, resonance of sound, and value of meaning
empowers us to experience life in our wholeness as a human being, able to participate more
fully in each dive, and in each day.
July 6, Aug 3, Sept 7, Oct 5, Nov 2, Dec 14